Having developed long-term relationships with Global Suppliers it has been our mission to continue providing our community with the newest and best in trending products. Products that are hard to find, that you want now, and that you can’t get from anywhere else.

Our mission has been and still is bringing you the greatest in trending products at the lowest prices possible. By leveraging our long standing global relationships to get our customers the hottest new products they want as soon as they want them while offering the best price possible.

We are a UK based company but continue to provide our products globally and have happy customers in more than 20 countries!

Because of the nature of the products we like to be 100% transparent with our community, shipping times can be more delayed than your average store that is why we say on the high end anywhere from 3-8 weeks but on average our customers receive their items in 1-2 weeks. We like to warn people ahead of time if they are getting a gift for a friend or family member!